Why getting your daily steps in is important!

Why getting your daily steps in is important!

Hitting those 10,000 steps is a daily goal for many of us, after completing it it’s safe to say that you feel satisfied, healthy, and productive. After a long week in work, why not take an autumnal walk or a steady run this weekend to get in your daily steps?

Reaching your daily steps has many health benefits as well as personal ones so we have put together reasons why you should incorporate 10,000 daily steps into your lifestyle…

How does reaching 10,000 steps improve your health?

  1.     Your heart health is improved due to regular physical activity increasing the amount of oxygenated blood being sent around your body to your muscles.
  2.     Through frequent exercise, your concentration is improved by increasing blood flow to the brain.
  3.     Walking 10,000 steps a day improves your muscles due to the added pressure that occurs from exercising.

Are there any non-health related benefits?

  1. Walking daily allows you to get out of the house and have a change of scenery, whether you have a regular route or use it as an opportunity to explore new places.
  2. It can be done alone or with people. Walking is a great form of escapism and having a walk with a friend could be a great distraction from the day you’ve had at work. Or if you’re more introverted, having a walk alone is the perfect opportunity to gather your thoughts of the day.
  3. Walking is an activity that can be done anytime, anywhere and sometimes you won’t even realise how far you’ve gone!

Are there ways other than going out for a walk to get your 10,000 steps in?

  1. Taking the stairs whenever you can.
  2. Using the treadmill.
  3. Going for a run.
  4. Getting off public transport a few stops before your destination.
  5. Group exercises e.g., football, netball, rugby, hockey. 


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