Top tips on how not to gain too much weight this Christmas

Top tips on how not to gain too much weight this Christmas

Ho, ho, ho Christmas is coming! With Santa Claus coming to town, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the festivities. However, a common concern for many people around the holiday season is gaining weight over Christmas.

It is completely normal to be anxious around this time regarding food. One of the most common questions people ask themselves around this time of year, whether they have been trying to lose weight, build muscle, or tone, is, ‘Will eating over Christmas have a negative impact on my progress?’ If this is something that concerns you, we can assure you that you don’t need to worry! Keep reading and we’ll share with you the three top tips on how not to gain weight this Christmas, so you can enjoy your festivities stress free! 

1. Keep Active

Static activities, such as sitting on the sofa watching TV, are traditions for many families during the festive period. However, inactivity may contribute to weight gain especially if you are eating more (we know the Christmas snacks are too tempting to resist sometimes!)

Doing any form of physical activity has proved to be beneficial for weight control. Even something as simple as a family walk gets you up and active!

2. Snack Wisely 

During the holiday season, unhealthy snacks are rampant, the tins of Celebrations come out and one turns into two and before you know it it’s only the Bounty’s that are left. This is because when treats are easy to access, you’re more likely to snack unnecessarily.

At home, this problem can be solved by keeping treats out of sight or limiting yourself to how much you snack. However, that strategy is more difficult to avoid in situations that you cannot control, such as at your workplace or a family party. We would never say to stop snacking altogether because that’s impossible but try and be mindful of what you’re eating but not so much that you feel limited! 

If you are hungry and need a snack, why not try real foods? Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are filling snacks that don’t contain unhealthy fats that contribute to weight gain.

3. Control your portion sizes

It’s easy to overindulge at Christmas, we’re all guilty of our eyes being bigger than our stomach sometimes, especially when there is more temptation and different foods around at Christmas. 

An effective way to control your portion size is to eat from smaller plates rather than trying to fill a larger one. Another way in which this can be done is by adhering to the recommended serving sizes on food packaging. 

Everyone deserves to enjoy themselves, it is Christmas after all! But you can enjoy yourself and not over do it, this will make you feel better in the long run. Rather than feeling bloated and too full, by eating a portion size that is appropriate for you you will feel fulfilled and satisfied with the delicious food that you enjoyed!

Maintaining your fitness regime and weight can be an extremely daunting concept, especially during the festive period with tasty temptations at Christmas markets, festive parties and even in the kitchen cupboard! With these three top tips you will be able to enjoy the festive cheer as well as maintain a healthy balance!


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