The Rise of Resistance Bands

The Rise of Resistance Bands

Whether you’re a beginner, pro, or just enjoy the escapism that working out provides, and you are questioning whether to use resistance bands in your training, the answer is always YES!

Resistance bands help to activate and tone muscles when exercising and simultaneously build up your strength.

Below are five benefits of using resistance bands when training:

1. Stabilisation - The constant tension from bands adds an element of necessary stabilization from your body to maintain form during many exercises.

2. Enhances strength – Resistance bands are extremely effective for athletic training due to the increased load, variable resistance, and instability that they provide, which overtime increases one’s strength and durability.

3. Improves your performance - Resistance bands ensure that your muscles get worked both during the concentric motion and eccentric motion. This adds extra tension to the muscle which leads to stronger, more toned muscles.

4. Cost effective – Using one band for a range of exercises is extremely cost effective, because resistance bands are so versatile it means that they can be used for many different exercises saving money on buying more equipment as well as being easy to use at home.

5. Less risk of muscle injury – Resistance bands provide similar effects of muscle training as weights but involves less pressure on joints meaning that there is less chance of injuring yourself when using resistance bands.

 We hope that this blog has informed you on the positive aspects of using resistance bands when training, will you be using them in your next workout?

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