JSP Performance Supplements

JSP Performance Supplements

Introducing JSP Performance Supplements

We are so proud to introduce you to what we have spent the last year developing. We are certain you will absolutely fall In love with our whey protein powders!


What's new in our store:

Chocolate Whey Protein

If your massive chocolate lover like us here at JSP, our chocolate whey protein is perfect for hitting that spot.

Vanilla Whey Protein

What can we say about our vanilla whey protein powder? Well, simply just "wow" this one turned out even better than we even expected so you're in for a treat if you're a vanilla fan.

Strawberry Whey Protein

Here at JSP Performance the team even found it difficult to pick between which whey protein powder flavour is their favourite. There is no exception when it comes to our strawberry whey.


Shaker Bottles

Introducing JSP Performance Shaker bottles.

Why not pick up one of our shaker bottles to go with your protein powder.

You can choose from two different colours that we have available (RED & BLACK)


Resistance Bands (RESTOCK)

After the last success of our resistance bands it's only fitting that we restock and make them available once again.

You can pick up our resistance bands as a set of 3 or individually on their own.

We have restocked our bands in:

  1. Black = Heavy
  2. Sliver = Medium
  3. Pink = Light


This is only the beginning here at JSP Performance.

We are very excited to soon introduce you to the new products that we currently have in production.


Stay tune.

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