JSP brand ambassador competing in PCA First Timers, 1 week to go!

JSP brand ambassador competing in PCA First Timers, 1 week to go!

It is officially 1 week to go until our very own brand ambassador, Eva, will be competing in her first EVER bikini juniors competition. 

Next Saturday we will see Eva showcase her amazing physic at the PCA First Timers, Town Hall Birmingham. Over the next week, we at JSP Performance will be supporting Eva in her final week so keep an eye out on our channels for more about her journey.

Today, we asked Eva how she felt 1 week out from the competition;

"Emotionally I feel ready, excited and nervous all at the same time, but I’m trying to remain in a calm state of mind as much as I can.

Physically I feel like it’s been a pretty smooth ride for me so far, because it is something I love and I am happy to dedicate time and effort to. At 4 weeks out I realised it’s no longer a test of physical strength, but a test of mental strength, and I have done so much mind work, including meditation, breath work, journaling, reading, spending time in nature, catching sunrises and sunsets that my serotonin levels (happy hormones) have been on a constant high."

Physic image of Eva before competition

But what made Eva decide to compete and enter into the PCA First Timers? 

"I’m obsessed with self growth and self development, I truly believe especially in our 20s that that’s the time to learn new things, take risks, challenge yourself, do things outside our comfort zone and test our limits.

I’ve been into sports from a young age, I started going to the gym age 14, I became consistent at age 18 and I felt like I wasn’t challenging myself enough and plateauing, which as a result decreased my motivation to train. Bodybuilding is something that’s always appealed to me, I love the aesthetic, the hard work, the endorphin release, how you feel when you eat clean, all of it. I’m a true believer in practicing what you preach, so here I am today 1 week out from my first competition in the best physique of my life."

Discover more about Eva and her journey over the next week. We will be posting and sharing lots more about our brand ambassador on the lead up to her comp. 

Chat soon, 

JSP Performance team 




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