How you can walk off belly fat

How you can walk off belly fat

Are you feeling out of shape after Christmas? Or are you looking for a more active lifestyle without the commitment to the gym? We have just the thing for you! Walking is an extremely effective way to burn belly fat as well as improve your overall health and fitness! Keep reading to find out how YOU can walk off that belly fat and feel better mentally and physically. 


  1. Targeting belly fat 

 While it is not possible to target a specific area of fat, walking is a great way to burn fat all over your body. When you burn more calories than you consume, otherwise known as a calorie deficit, weight will drop off you! A good way to start this is by meal planning, you can effectively and healthily pre plan your meals so you know how many calories you are consuming. However, this is not a suggestion to calorie count for every meal or become obsessed with this. It is important to enjoy any type of food, in moderation. A calorie deficit should not be used to restrict yourself, more to understand what you are putting into your system. 


  1. Try fasted cardio 

 By aiming to walk in the fat-burning zone for at least 45 minutes to an hour can help increase weight loss massively! This is due to you being able to burn calories from your previous meal as your body has nothing else to burn. Once you can do this comfortably, increase the duration as long as you can tolerate for maximum fat burn. As you get more fit you’ll start to see the waistline results you’re seeking. Walking is a great way to do this because your stamina will last for longer and you’ll burn more calories and lose more weight as a result.


  1. Change up your workouts

 As with anything, the more you do something, the more you get used to it and this is the same for your workouts. If you do the exact same workout all the time, your body will eventually adapt to it and the calorie burn will be less significant. So, change it up! A good way to plan this is to dedicate different days that you’re working out to different workouts. For example, Monday could be leg day while Wednesday is more about cardio, it is completely up to you how and when you do different exercises, the main thing is that you don’t give your body too much of a chance to get used to one set workout.


Not only is this an effective way to burn more calories but it makes your workouts more enjoyable!


We hope this blog has helped you discover some more ways to burn belly fat, if you put any of these tips into practice, let us know how you get on! 




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