How to lose that Christmas weight

How to lose that Christmas weight

Just like that, Christmas is over for another year. The festive fun and indulgence has come to an end and January is that harsh reminder that it’s time to put our New Year’s resolutions into practice.

For some, January isn’t the most exciting month. As we’re well into the winter months, it’s easy to get bogged down by the cold weather and lose motivation. But don’t worry, JSP Performance is here to help defeat your January blues! If you’re feeling as though you’ve gained weight over Christmas and want to get back in shape, incorporate these three top tips into your daily routine and you’ll feel like a new person! 


  1. Stay hydrated with water 

 On average, it’s recommended that you drink around 1.5 litres of water a day, which is the equivalent of 8 glasses. A great way to lose weight is by drinking water throughout the day, to stay hydrated and stay full. It’s surprising how many people confuse being hungry with needing a good drink of water! A lack of water leads to snacking, and the gaining of those pesky pounds. So, start your day with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon to detox the body when you wake up and drink 2 glasses of water before each meal.


  1. Snack on harder foods 

 As simple as it sounds, food that requires a little more effort to eat forces you to slow down and make you more aware of your calories, helping you keep unwanted weight off. If you’re  looking for some solid snack inspiration, try out nuts and hard fruits such as apples. 


  1. Move around 

 The best way to keep extra weight at bay is to move around. Keeping your body active, no matter what you do, whether it’s walking, running, skipping, will burn calories and help you shed unwanted weight. So try and incorporate more movement into your daily life, whether that’s walking on your lunch break at work, having a run to put the events of the day to the back of your mind, any form of movement will help with weight loss! 


And that’s it, it’s really that simple to lose weight after Christmas and some small changes to your lifestyle can have a huge impact!

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