How JSP Performance products have supported in prep

How JSP Performance products have supported in prep

In the lead up to Eva's first EVER bikini juniors competition, we wanted to understand how JSP Performance supplements have supported her. 

"First of all, JSP Supplements taste better than many big brands out in the market, and me being a foodie taste is so important to enjoy the process.

I use JSP protein daily in my overnight oats/baked oats and to make protein pancakes, game changer!

To add to that, I LOVE my caffeine, and I had a sensitivity gut so when I drink energy drinks there’s discomfort in my stomach, so cutting out fizzy sweetened drinks and sticking to black coffee in the morning and JSP pre workout before sessions has allowed my gut to regain optimal functioning and stay flat all day long."

Have you ever had the same problem as Eva when drinking fizzy sweetened drinks? If so give our pre workout a try and let us know how you get on. 

Until next time, 

JSP Performance team 

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