Good Luck to Eva!

Good Luck to Eva!

We want to wish Eva a huge GOOD LUCK for todays PCA First Timers, her first EVER bikini juniors competition.

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What made you decide to compete? 

- I’m obsessed with self growth and self development, I truly believe especially in our 20s that that’s the time to learn new things, take risks, challenge yourself, do things outside our comfort zone and test our limits. I’ve been into sports from a young age, I started going to the gym age 14, I became consistent at age 18 and I felt like I wasn’t challenging myself enough and plateauing, which as a result decreased my motivation to train. Bodybuilding is something that’s always appealed to me, I love the aesthetic, the hard work, the endorphin release, how you feel when you eat clean, all of it. I’m a true believer in practicing what you preach, so here I am today 1 week out from my first competition in the best physique of my life.

How do you feel 1 week out from the comp? 

- Emotionally I feel ready, excited and nervous all at the same time, but I’m trying to remain in a calm state of mind as much as I can. Physically I feel like it’s been a pretty smooth ride for me so far, because it is something I love and I am happy to dedicate time and effort to. At 4 weeks out I realised it’s no longer a test of physical strength, but a test of mental strength, and I have done so much mind work, including meditation, breath work, journaling, reading, spending time in nature, catching sunrises and sunsets that my serotonin levels (happy hormones) have been on a constant high. 

How many calories have you been eating on the run up to the event/ what has your diet been like? 

- In my lean bulk I was on 2500, 250g protein, 250g carbs, 50g fats. Then when my cut started the carbs were split into training and non-training days. With 50g less carbs on non training days. We took each week as it came and tried to manipulate fat loss through increasing cardio prior to reducing calories to ensure maximal muscle mass is maintained. At two weeks out my macros were 200 protein, 35-40g fats, 200g carbs on training days and 150g carbs of non-training days. This however is on top of 1 hour cardio daily, plus 4 2-3 hour weight sessions, plus extra 30 mins cardio post workouts on training days. 

What has your training schedule been like? How much cardio have you been doing? 

- My training split in a cut is two glutes and hammies sessions, one back and shoulders and one quads and calves session, plus abs and vacuums at the end of each session. Cardio is 1 hour fasted every morning and 30 mins after my workouts on training days. 

How helpful have your coaches been? Would you recommend them to other people thinking about competing? 

- My coaches are AMAZING! They’re more than just coaches, they’ve become people I adore and communicate to on a daily basis. They have the knowledge, the honesty, their very personalised approach to each client and just overall support in every aspect of prep. I couldn’t recommend them enough! Sarah and Pete Lawson practice what they preach, so you’re in this together at all times!

How have JSP Performance products helped you in your prep? 

- First of all, JSP Supplements taste better than many big brands out in the market, and me being a foodie taste is so important to enjoy the process. I use JSP protein daily in my overnight oats/baked oats and to make protein pancakes, game changer! To add to that, I LOVE my caffeine, and I had a sensitivity gut so when I drink energy drinks there’s discomfort in my stomach, so cutting out fizzy sweetened drinks and sticking to black coffee in the morning and JSP pre workout before sessions has allowed my gut to regain optimal functioning and stay flat all day long.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about competing? 

- Your mind has to be stronger than your body. In a bulk you’ll be fine but when it gets to around 4 weeks out, that’s where you’re tested, and you’ll see whether you make it or break it. Look into mind work that works for you! I personally am a huge advocate for meditation and breath work. (For anyone interested look into the book “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr Joe Dispenza, it’s basically my holy bible)

What has been your favourite part of prep?

- The vast amount of knowledge I’ve learnt from my coaches and from independent research in terms of manipulation everything that we do and consume and how it affects us mentally and physically, then actually applying that knowledge and studies, and seeing the results, leaving my mind blown at how much our bodies are capable of achieving with the correct knowledge applied.

What has been your least favourite part of prep? 

- In all honesty, because of the amount of mind work I’ve done over the course of prep I have LOVED prep, it’s been a smooth ride for me. But if I was to pick out one thing, it would be having to sacrifice social events to train, meal prep and recover. I love the people I chose to have around me and I wish I could give them more of my time but on prep you have to have your priorities set straight and people who love and care for you will understand and support you.

How supportive have your family and friends been? 

- Growing up some family members never liked the idea of their little girl lifting heavy weights, but that never discouraged me, and now that they see how much I love the process, how invested I am in this process they support me every step of the way, especially my mom, she’s always trying to help with as much as she can, when I’m home visiting she always prepares sweet potatoes, white fish and broccoli for me so I can eat the moment I get home from training, and I’m so grateful for her! All of my friends have been so so supportive, cheering me on from the sidelines, and in moments like this I truly appreciate the people I chose to have in my life whole heartedly.

What are you most looking forward to on the day of the competition? 

- The feeling of stepping on that stage and knowing the work I’ve put in over the last course of the 6 months is all for this moment. Right now, right here, and that’s so exciting and a little nerve wrecking, but nerves a good because it means that I deeply care about this and it means a lot to me.

What will be your first meal after comp? 

- I am such a sweet over savoury person, so I’m still thinking on something like a fudgy brownie, a blondie, a brookie, a biscoff doughnut, so many choices! We’ll have to wait and see what I end up choosing. But in terms of actual meals, I’m going to want a big burger and fries, I’m thinking five guys 😍

What are your plans once this competition is done? 

- The plan is to keep going until I win. Whether it’s first time or fifth time, I’m not stopping until I have a gold trophy. Until I’m at the British Finals. Until I get a pro card. This is a long term commitment and I can’t wait for what the future holds!


Show your support for Eva today and wish her good luck! 

Until next time,

JSP Performance team

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